Ironing process

1.The iron works well with 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton blend or polyester blend fabrics.
2. Heat the iron to the highest level before ironing. And do not use a steam iron
3. Iron the fabric in the area you want to attach the workpiece first for about 25 seconds to smooth the fabric and remove moisture.
4. Place the workpiece on the area to be ironed on. And put another piece of cloth on top of the work again Then iron by moving the iron back and forth. Like normal ironing It takes about 30-40 seconds and do not forget to iron the edges of the workpiece. To make the workpiece firmly attached Try not to iron directly onto the workpiece.
5. Turn the cloth inside out. And rolled back and forth again It takes about 40-60 seconds.
6. After finishing the ironing process. Allow the cloth to cool. Then check the finish If the workpiece is not tight Repeat steps 4-5 again.

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